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~ Wash off the dust of everyday life with the regal oils of ancient kings and queens ~ My family is the inspiration for my soaps. Not only do I make soaps for my loved ones, but selling my handmade soap is an important means of providing for my children. I began with The Green Queen shea butter soap and infused it with all my favorite essential oils. Next, I concocted The Black King shea soap for my oldest son; this soap is a modern replication of King Tut's cologne (frankincese + spikenard + black pepper) -in soap form. It will take you back more than centuries in time when you shower with The Black King. The Red Prince shea soap is inspired by my middle son, who needs cleansers that assist his acne-prone skin (bergamot + clove + sandalwood are said to help clear pores and prevent scars from darkening). The Yellow Princess shea soap is made for my younger sister and is a calming fragrance option, with the sweetness of Rose, Chamomile and Lemon. Finally, The Peasant shea butter soap is made for my tiny one-year-old prince; it is soap suited for a toddler -or anyone who prefers no dyes or fragrances. The Peasant soap has just a hint of sweetness from the almond oil. Each soap is made with nothing but love, from my home to yours! More »