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Salome's Simply Delightful Creations presents you with soap in the true chemical definition of the word. Sopanification is the reaction between oil, sodium hydroxide (lye) and water, which produces a foaming salt, glycerin and evaporated water. That foaming salt is what we have come to know and love as soap. The beauty of our soaps is that the moisturizing glycerin is retained in all this soapy goodness. All of the soaps in our line are handcrafted with skin loving oils selected for their unique moisturizing, cleansing and lathering properties. Get clean without getting squeaky! Please enjoy these products knowing that they are made with ingredients of the highest quality. Also, be aware of your tolerances and sensitivities. You and your healthcare provider know your body best. If you have or suspect that you have any conditions that would interfere with your enjoyment of these products, please consult your healthcare provider before use and use your More »

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