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Welcome to State_of_Rausch

"For there to be art, for there to be any aesthetic doing and seeing, one physiological precondition is indispensable: "Rausch". Rausch is a rare and unique state achieved when aesthetic phenomena stimulates the mind and vaults us into a higher mode of being, once characterized by power, strength, and an intoxication which mirrors the excitement of sensuality." -Friedrich Nietzsche ~~~ Welcome to State of Rausch! A boutique offering high quality trendy tie dye clothing. Express your feelings and thoughts through the psychedelic and imaginative magic of tie dye. Everything comes ready to wear, with no special care needs. I love seeing the creative ways in which people pull my pieces together to create their own fun, stylish, and unique looks. Upload your State of Rausch inspired look on Instagram and tag @state_of_rausch to be featured on the boutique’s page! More »