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Svalbard watches and inspired by beautiful, extreme and challenging landscapes of Svalbard and are valued more for their elaborate artistry, aesthetic appeal and fashionable design than for simple timekeeping. The Svalbard products are not actually watches in the actual sense of watches having the usual standard 12-hour dial. The company’s products are purely unusual and non-standard - 24-hour dial (military time), single-handed (12-hour and 24-hour) and backward (reverse movement) watches that are not actually everyday–use watches for the most of the people. Svalbard creates its class of watches bearing in mind the special features which customers are yelling for in personalized timepiece. To uniquely position itself in the personalized watch niche in the industry, the company carries out a market research after production of each unique model. This enables the company to ascertain the complaints and feedbacks of the customers and build on them for production of the subsequent models to the awe and satisfaction of the customers. It is time for you to enjoy the exclusive features of the unusual and rare watches. Make a difference and create that aura of uniqueness around yourself by getting one or more of the unusual and individually numbered and unique timepiece. More »