Welcome to TheHoardingMagpie

Did you know that magpies are among the most intelligent species on the earth? They're the only non-mammal that can recognize itself in a mirror. They are also known to be collectors of things, shiny objects and other stuff that takes their fancy. My magpie loves the unique, the one of a kind, that thing that shimmers between art and jewelry. My magpie hoards anything that catches her fancy. Visit her and see what treasures she's got hidden. Okay, that's the fanciful explanation. The reality is that I'm a writer/editor/writing coach who cannot stay away from her ever increasing stash of--yes, whatever shiny art medium t catches my eye. I make things because I like to play. It's all about experimentation, trial and error, what ifs and why nots. That's why there's little repetition in my shop. So if you see something you like, go for it now. The magpie might beat you to it. More »