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Welcome to ThymeAfterThyme

Thank you for stopping by Thyme After Thyme Gourmet. My name is Aimee Plesa and I am the owner, baker, sweet treat maker, marketing team, social media mogul and overall creative force behind Thyme After Thyme. My studio is a culmination of 30+ years in the restaurant industry and I believe that experience shines through in every treat I make. I have worked in nearly every position possible in a professional kitchen. From washing dishes and busing tables to being the executive chef, I've done them all! I currently work as the kitchen manager at a popular sports bar just south of Dayton, OH and run my humble bakery from the same kitchen. I never intended for my time in the kitchen to become my calling in life, yet here I am! Feeding the masses. For me, being a chef and a baker is more than just a means to an end. This is truly my passion. This studio features a wide variety of the sweets that I currently make and will become home to many more as I work out the specifics of each recipe. All food items are for local pickup and delivery only. Pickup is free, deliveries within 5 miles will be $5, 5-10 miles is $7.50 and 10-20 miles is $15.00 Craft items and paintings ARE available for shipping. More »