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Thank You for visiting my shop. Ukiah-my avatar-is a "drop-off" rescued Malamute diagnosed with Cancer March 10th 2010.Aggresive Oral Melanoma was removed without clean margins.He received Radiation Therapy at Michigan State Veterinary Oncology Hospital.He is a member of The 2 Million Dogs Cancer Study.The "vaccine" he receives every 6 months is now in Human Trials.ALL SALES from this site go to fund his ongoing needs.His companion animal-TannerGurlCurleyTail- pitt/rott/chow has just crossed thee bridge due to diabetes.She had been receiving 18 units Novolin-N twice a day.She was 14 years old.She came as a rescue with a crushed front foot/ankle and a rubber band rear crusciate tendon. I Sell Hand Wound LampWork Furnace Glass Beads from the Studio of "TIMBERWOLF ART of GLASS". I am selling out my extensive stock of VINTAGE Czecho GLASS Beads purchased between 1954-1980. Please contact me if you have any questions. Little Star Woman More »