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Weirdy Beardie Hammocks grew from the need for our rescue dragons to have hammocks that provide comfort for missing limbs as well as thermal properties. All dragons can benefit from these features, as well as other comfort loving species. All hammocks are either hand or machine washable on gentle, and can be hung to dry or put in the dryer on low. We suggest using a hypoallergenic, unscented detergent. Hand-set brass grommets will not rust. High-quality domestically manufactured suctions cups are included with every order. Each suction cup is weight-rated to hold 3 pounds. Beardies aren't the only creatures lounging in luxury. Our hammocks are being used with frilled dragons, uromastyx, agamas, iguanas, snakes, chinchillas, rats, mice, sugar gliders, and geckos. We welcome customer photos on our Facebook page at Finally, I am offering a discount of $.75/ order that doesn't require suction cups. Use the code NOSUCTIONCUPS at checkout. More »

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