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Our shop WhenRosesBloom® on Artfire is currently closed and we do not have any products listed on Artfire but we still can be found WHENROSESBLOOM in the greater Kansas City area at our brick and mortar and we are online--SEARCH online WhenRosesBloom for our other venues and follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Etsy(WhenRosesBloomShop & WRBshop) too. We are When Roses Bloom® Check out www.whenrosesbloom.com and Facebook WhenRosesBloom for updates to keep up with our latest discoveries and finds, store venues and all our new adventures, Check back with us often to find out about all the latest WHENROSESBLOOM. When Roses Bloom® "Vintage Style translated to a Modern Approach" © When Roses Bloom® is not a time or a place...it's a lifestyle, not limited by your environment but only limited by your imagination. A quiet elegance that not only embraces the combination of old & beautiful traditions with modern comforts & sensibilities; but transforms the charms of the past into "a fresh contemporary approach to today's living"©. Rare and Wonderful Finds...the old, the unusual, the beautiful, the rare, the best..."Linens, Lace and Everything Nice."© We hope you enjoy each visit to When Roses Bloom®. As you enter our delightful world, we hope you will come away renewed, refreshed and inspired & leave with a very satisfying experience; one that will continue on long after each visit. We are closing this shop on Artfire but Be sure to check back often at our shops in KC and on the web to see new posted finds (CHECK OUT our other venues and SEARCH Online for our name WHENROSESBLOOM to find More items in the WhenRosesBloom® Collection too) and if you would like to keep up with our latest discoveries and finds, do be sure to admire/favorite our shop and items--like and follow us too. We personally select each item for shops hand curated collection...items that we love and adore. We enjoy sharing our finds with each of you...friends with like minds. We always strive to make every bit of your shopping experience a delight and treat just like shopping at your favorite quaint local shops. Do share your When Roses Bloom® discoveries and Be sure to tell your friends about us...we love referrals. If there is anything you are especially looking for, let us know. We love going on "treasure hunts"! We look forward to having you come along and joint us on our journey. When Roses Bloom® was established in 1984. All Listings/Descriptions/ Titles/Names/Images&Info concerning WhenRosesBloom® published herein are the intellectual property of When Roses Bloom/whenrosesbloom® Photos, graphics and text of this shop are the sole property of When Roses Bloom® and are protected by copyright laws and may not be used without our authorized written permission. More »

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