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Welcome to Wondrous Works in WoodWondrous Works in Wood is well known for quality wood products. We are especially known for the wooden drinking vessels that you will encounter at many faires & festivals throughout the United States. We handcraft wooden gift items including, but not limited to: wooden mugs, goblets, straws, mug accessories, bottle holders/stoppers, cutting boards, shot glasses, home decor and much more!Creating quality wooden functional art in a timeless style is our passion. Our mugs, goblets, hand-turned straws, shot glasses, cups, wine bottle holders, and other items appear at Renaissance festivals throughout the country. Whether you're looking for an authentic tankard to go with your pirate costume, a classic set of goblets to dress up your home barware, or just a pretty coffee mug for your office, you can find it here.We hope you join the Mug Club!Join the Wondrous Works in Wood Fanclub on Facebook .Sherrie Phillips More »

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