Welcome to WoodWorkingInspiration

Hello! Welcome to my shop, WoodWorkingInspirations! My name is Ryan Murray and ill share a little background. My journey to this point started with working construction for my fathers business when I was 14. Every year, due to this Pennsylvania weather, we are off from work for 4 months or so. During that time, I worked in my hobby of handmade furniture and decor. I loved it so much and received such great reviews of my work, I decided to make this a more full time "job" (hard to call it work when I love it so much!). I finally have started to move into the online shop scene and can't wait to start putting my stuff into your homes! Starting out is a difficult task but one I'm very up for! I know buying from someone who hasn't accumulated as much feedback as others is a lot to ask for, but put your faith into me and you will see how much I care about my customers enjoying a great experience purchasing through me! More »