Welcome to ZachSmithWoodWorks

Welcome to ZachSmithWoodWorks at Art Fire. Here I will be featuring and offering some of my latest creations from my home studio. Mostly everything I make in my shop comes from reclaimed or reconstituted wood and other materials that may be integrated in. There is so much good wood available that I can't see the point in buying all new material for a piece. With the old wood also comes a very unique look, one that can't be replicated. I am a woodworker, it is my passion, I hope that it shows through in my pieces. I also donate a portion of all my proceeds to the research and development of hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is a neurological disorder in which the brain does not properly drain the fluid that it produces. This causes severe pressure to build in the brain. Without the proper treatment it is deadly. Hydrocephalus is the number one reason for brain surgery in children. More »