Peyote and Loom-Beaded Hat Bands

This shop is currently on vacation

Currently: August 14,2017, my website is still on vacation hold to bead current hatband orders and to prevent more customers from ordering, not aware of my work load. I had 11 hatbands to make in the past 2 months and am working on completing the last one. I am going to leave my website on vacation hold now for an actual much needed beading break, not taking orders and taking September Off! If you are wanting to place an order before October, please contact me! Unfortunately, handmade takes time as each hatband, not under pressure and between life necessities, takes 10-14 days, a few hours a day to bead, but the end results are worth it! Thanks for visiting my studio and consider treating yourself to that Hat Band you have been wanting. I will be around for you to contact me, so email me if wanting to place an order for October or sooner if necessary. Otherwise my website will remain on vacation hold for an actual break from beading hatband orders through September? Thanks for your patience. Please check back on this website and/or email me at with any questions or time frame answers! I will do my best to accommodate you. Thanks Andrea