Peyote and Loom-Beaded Hat Bands

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MESSAGE BOARD: Welcome to my website here on Artfire! July 19, 2016~If wanting to place an order, please contact me by email, My day job is closed for most of the summer, through mid Aug., so I may put my website on vacation hold because I have a couple time periods during this time, that I will be unable to bead and fulfill hat band orders. I don't like putting my website on vacation, because all you can see is this Intro Message and you cannot view my listings when on vacation hold. Orders usually take 10-14 days to complete and ship, if not working on a current order. Thanks for your patience. Unfortunately, handmade takes a little bit of time but the end results are worth it! If you want to place an order or have one beaded for you that states in the description that IT HAS PREVIOUSLY SOLD, you can place your order, but be aware it might take a little more time than the usual 10-14 days to complete, if I am needing to be out of town at the time of your order, during this time off from my day job. Please inform me of your hat size or measurement against and around the crown of your hat at the time of you placing an order. Please contact me at my email above, informing me of your circumstances, so I can give you an estimate as to the soonest that your hatband can be completed. I would love to bead you a hat band. For feedback on my hatbands, please check out my customers comments in most of the listings, under MORE INFO, below the descriptions. Thanks for visiting my studio and consider treating yourself to that hatband you have been wanting, in 2016. Andrea More »