Peyote and Loom-Beaded Hat Bands

This shop is currently on vacation

CURRENTLY ON ORDER HOLD - Welcome to my website here on Artfire! Tueday, July 21, 2020. I just finished a custom order for the Pawnee Bill Hatband today. I am now going to be taking the next 3 months of (Summer) off, and resume orders mid-end October hopefully. I've had health issues with my partner, Pneumonia and COPD (thankfully not COVID19), with being on oxygen 24/7 and requiring a lot of my time, so my free time to bead is limited to make hatbands in a 14 day turnaround. Therefore, I've turned off the website so I won't get orders without customers contacting me first. Unfortunately when the website is on hold, to keep customers from ordering, not knowing my circumstances or orders, it takes all the listings away to view or order. Sorry for this inconvenience and thanks for your patience, but if I don't Put it on HOLD I end up getting 3 orders or more in a week span! Unfortunately, having a life outside of beading hatbands, handmade takes time, as each hatband, not under pressure and a side hobby, I now like to allow myself about 3 weeks, to bead and attach the ends, but the end results are worth it! Thanks for visiting my studio and consider treating yourself to that Hat Band you have been wanting. If you don't mind a longer turnaround of 3-4 weeks, if not peyote and I have no current orders, email me. I am still making hatbands, just taking a break with my partner's current health issues. Thanks for your patience!! Please contact me with any order requests, questions, or time frame needs. Please Email Me directly off Artfire at: and I will do my best to accommodate you! Thanks Andrea