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Hi! My name is Anna! For how many years brooches have not gone out of fashion, 2020 was no exception! For more than five years, I have been creating handmade jewelry. Each product is unique! The brooch can solve the problem of "boring image", give individuality and brightness to every woman! Just imagine that you now have a universal accessory! An elegant sketch of each brooch will give any image personality and brightness. Perfect for any bow. Imagine how such an accessory will "set you apart from the crowd". How to wear? The brooch will become your universal accessory. There are many ways to wear a brooch: - on the chest-the most bright and noticeable place - on the shoulder-a favorite place of any fashionista. One large or several small. - on the collar-any shirt can be transformed by attaching a brooch. - on the lapel of the jacket-will give flirtatiousness to a strict jacket or suit. - at the waist-attach to the belt, you will get a beautiful and unusual buckle. - on a hat or hat - will decorate the headdress. - on the hair-attach the brooch to the elastic band for hair. You will also find hair accessories in my showroom. And if you want to learn how to create beauty with your own hands, I suggest you buy Master classes on creating jewelry. The master classes are made in pdf format with photos and step-by-step descriptions. Delivery: free of charge for the buyer. Refund: possible only in case of damage to the product during transportation, delivery is at the expense of the buyer. More »