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Such items are all handcrafts, handmade by our craftsman using Tibet Silver and natural stones, such as Turquoise, Coral, Agate, crystal etc. , they symbolize the old culture of Tibet. Tibet is the most brilliant and sacred holy land in China. There is an old legend best-known in Tibet, if people wear such refine and beautiful handmade jewelry, such jewelry can get good spirits from nature. Then they will bring people happy life and good luck. Tibet ,a Pure Land, the most magic beautiful place, not faraway from us. it's not important if you do have been there, but the sticking point is if you can find your own pure land in your heart and the Tibet on your mind ! The uniqueness of our products are directly derived from 100% hand crafted jewelry that are custom created based on organic materials available. Much like the high demands of couture jewelry, you will not own a single piece like any one else. The pictures you see will be a close representative of the product More »

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