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If you are trying to contact me please Use the "Contact Seller" tab For and additional $2.75 I can make row by row instructions Contact me prior to purchasing. ALL ORDERS ARE EMAILED TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS ON YOUR PAYMENT RECEIPT WITHIN 24 HOURS. Note: I do ask on my site that buyers allow email from me especially from Gmail, YAHOO and AOL accounts. It helps stop my emails with attachments from getting spammed, junked, stripped or even blocked. Usually once the buyer emails me, Gmail lets the email come through. ***ALWAYS A SALE*** PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH YOUR FREE CHOICE. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE IT. BUY 2 GET ONE ELIGIBLE ONE LISTED FREE BUY 2 GET 1 FREE BUY 4 GET 2 FREE SO ON PLEASE ALLOW EMAIL FROM ME. PLEASE EMAIL OR MESSAGE ME WITH YOUR FREE CHOICE. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE IT. Free choice must be of equal value or less. MY PATTERN GRAPHS WILL BE EMAILED TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS THAT IS ON YOUR PAYMENT. SO PLEASE BE SURE IT IS CORRECT AND IT IS YOUR CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS. My graphs are designed to be printed out not read off your monitor. Please pay promptly using PayPal More »