Welcome to depronto

Hi, My name is Brigita and I've been passionate about standing out for as long as I can remember. I love to wear clothes that attract attention and get compliments from strangers. A few years ago I started taking boring t-shirts to a screen printer and spicing them up with images I found online or designed myself. It was great, no one else had these t-shirts, they were one of a kind no one else had them. More recently a friend introduced me to a custom print company that does something call "Print and Sew". So I could get my designs on almost anything, and they would be handmade just how I wanted it. Once I started getting all this crazy cool stuff delivered to our house, my boyfriend suggested I share my designs on ArtFire and let other people have to opportunity to fill their lives with some amazing clothes, and their house with spectacular furnishings. So EasyCanva was born. My boyfriend and I spent a long time ordering from different printers, finding the ones who could offer the best quality at the right price. Ones we knew would treat our customers the way that we would. So we've partnered with companies all over the world who share our values and will take our custom designs to create the perfect pieces each and every time. Thanks so much for reading, and for shopping with us! Brigita More »