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Welcome to Double L Originals Fashion. We appreciate you taking the time to stop by. We currently have fashion jewelry and other handmade creations available for purchase.ALL WORK AND PHOTOGRAPHS ARE COPYRIGHT OF DOUBLE L ORIGINALS LLC.Our "Mom"(The elder L) started crocheting 40 years ago. She and her daughter (the younger L) began making costume jewelry 15 years ago, and while they still enjoy making fashion jewelry pieces, have currently branched out into fine gemstone jewelry (which you can see by visiting www.DoubleLOriginals.com).Follow us @DoubleLOriginal on twitter!Find us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DoubleLOriginals****************************************************************Check out all the info on our new Sharing the LLove Charity Line: http://www.doubleloriginals.com/charity PLEASE let us know if you would like any of our earrings with actual gold or silver hooks/posts/leverbacks - we will be happy to accommodate you. :) More »

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