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Welcome to dreamcatcherman

I am an Artist looking to express my creativity on Artfire. Me and my wife hand make all the items you see listed here.I have traveled from California to Florida and I have met many people that have inspired me and added to my curiosity in the field of art. I have worked on the beaches of Florida as a wave runner renter, dived in the Atlantic ocean depths putting up booey's for the wave runners and gotten to know a lot of tourist from around the world. I have caught shrimp off the docks. And through all of this ,my world has been colored with many new ideas for art projects that reflect the beaches,smells,sounds,and ideas of people from very different walks of life. To feel the warm sand beneath your feet and taste the salty ocean spray from a breaking wave, to watching the colors of a sunset dance across the glittering ocean waves. All this I bring to my artwork each time I start to create a new piece filled with textures,crystal,leather,and copper. Each of our creations reflects the beauty I have seen in nature, capturing all the colors,shapes,sights and sounds that I have seen in my travels. William and Linda of Dreamcatcherman More »