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We at our shop create Watercolor painting and recreate them one at a time special for you. ..They are not mass Purdued. One purchase one print. I paint, print And ship all the artwork directly to you.. The materials that we use are professional quality, Top or the line..I specially love painting landscapes, floral,animals the way I see them . It is very exciting when someone tells me they Creations When you purchase one of my pieces You say to me I love that.. The overall size of the wall art is16 B 20 inches ,The painting itself is 11 by 14 inches A mat is added as protection From moisture that is in the air [ black or white mat ] The artwork is then signed number and shipped to you. In a flat cardboard box If the artwork is damaged during shipping we will Gladly replace it . The artwork will be shipped to you within a 1-2 business days Thank you very much for visiting our shop...It is my pleasure to paint just for you More »