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My name is Teri Minor and I live in Winchester, CA with my husband Christopher Minor. He is a farmer and I am the farmer's wife. I love to go out and visit the fields with him on the weekends and watch the crops grow and watch the wildlife. When we come home we spend lots of time in our backyard. I have many bird feeding stations and lots of hummingbird feeders too. One day I was reading about hummingbirds and saw the little perches or swings that could be set up next to the feeders...I loved that and my shop was born. Christopher cuts the copper and dowels or branches for me and I decorate the swings. I have several in my backyard and all the birds use them. If you love hummingbirds you will love watching them sit on their swing and go back and forth to their feeders. I hope you enjoy my swings for years to come! More »

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