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We are new To ArtFire, we have been selling on eBay and Etsy. We have good feedback and we are topsellers. Me, Mom, and The Boys Okay, Me, Mom, and The Boys Me is Me Whitney Mom is My Mom Ellen The Boys The Boston Terrier brothers we own Spotucus Smith (AKA Spot) my dog, Saint Thomas Lavone (AKA Tommy) Mom'sWe love books, and we buy alot of them and read them, but we have together around 9000 books. Yes, we are cleaning house. Mom loves to knit, crochet, but she has tons of yarn, she wants to get rid of, left overs from finshed projects. Mom loves to sew, ragdolls, quilts, etc. and she has tons of sewing stuff she wants to get rid of. Over the years my mom has collected alot of stuff, and she is wanting to make her life more simple now. And believe it or not, she told me she is selling everything. So, hang in there with us, we will try to get everything listed, so that you can see what we have. More »

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