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Why Plentiful Tree Jewelry? The outward adornment of jewelry can enhance one's physical uniqueness, and symbolize feelings and satisfy needs to beautify appearances. We have completed many pieces of jewelry of which we are truly proud. With Plentiful Tree jewelry, we always marvel at the notion of helping people adorn their appearances to develop more self-confidence. Plentiful Tree jewelry is distinguished and intriguing and comes in a wide variety of customized designs. At Plentiful Tree we believe that the materials used are as important as making jewelry fashionable. Each piece of Plentiful Tree jewelry is conceptualized through brainstorming sessions and is given much thought and discussion by our team of skillful jewelers. Our items are crafted from exquisite colored gemstones, pearls, gold, silver and other jewelry materials. Our gemologists in Bangkok precisely choose the best fine gemstones for each piece sold at Plentiful Tree. More »