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Welcome to maggiesbeadery

Thank you for stopping by! When I began I preferred using gemstones, vintage beads and Sterling Silver. Over the years with the changes in fashion, cost of supplies and the availability of products, I've been adjusting and am still happy with my product. My goal has always been to make one of a kind pieces which are designed to last. Now with the addition of other metals besides Sterling and a less amount of vintage beads, I've found that concentrating on using beautiful gemstones and glass beads I'm still sticking to that. All along no two pieces of jewelry have ever been the same. Thanks to the persuasion of my youngest son I added a line for men which includes beaded bracelets, necklaces and ankle bracelets, my best seller! For women I've added long necklaces, gorgeous multi-strand necklaces and sterling silver drop and dangling leverback earrings. I've just added a variety of metals to my earrings expanding my offerings quite a lot! Using Copper, Brass, Bronze Gunmetal for the Leverbacks and components gives you many more choices and the fun has just begun! You'll also find my original harmonica jewelry along with adornments such as beaded stars and icicle sun catchers. Health reasons caused me to slow way down recently but thankfully I'm on my way back so you should find new products almost every day. Please stop by and check things out for additions. I so love my customers. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, concerns or suggestions. Maggie More »