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McLeodhandcraftgifts is an online boutique store that sells Hand made gifts -- Getting a handmade hat or scarf, or fingerless gloves means owning the ultimate fashion statement as well as an original work of art --- one in a million. I have opened second shop on Etsy: http://upcycledtotebags.etsy.com Proud Member of Team Eco Etsy Cashmere, silk, cotton, organic cotton, linen ---- are my favorite materials. Love of high quality fine material is my strength, but not weakness. By touching the material, I can tell what it is made for I wear those type of material made cloth. Upcycling has given me unlimited opportunities to produce green and ECO friendly product. My fancy ribbon scarves are still the popular items in the shows. The silk shawls are the favored for weddings. However, my felted items became hot pursued products, I nearly sold out all what I've made lat year. People have shown the love and support for the Upcycled "project". Once I am on this path, I felt it is h More »