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Dear Customer,our shop is making 20% discount for 10 days,just pick out what you like and enjoy the sale. Welcome to mygemgardan Please read my shop policies before you go to purchase. I can offer you a large number of cabochons/beads made of various stone, Turquoise, Argentina Rhodochrosite,Malachite,Charoite,Labradorite,Fossil Coral,Agate.Tiffany,Pieterisite,Sugalite,Tourmaline,Jasper,Opal,Serpentine,Prehnite,Hemimorhite,Chrysoprase,Chrysocolla,Smoky Quartz,Opalite...... Please Contact me if you need larger quantity. More questions? Feel free to start a conversation. Ps. I can drill for your purchased cabochons for free in a small quantity. thank you^-^ More »