Welcome to phillyart2wear

I am a Fiber Artist who creates Artistic Clothing and Accessories with a loving eye for the Environment. Handcrafted Bags combined with leather or suede that is often recycled in an artistic and creative way are my latest adventure. My designs in bags can be Unisex often yet always Chic,and Functional with lots of Pockets and Wide Straps. My Design Style is easy, fun and comfortable which is just the way I like to wear them and hope you do too. Howard Heartsfield Gallery is my home and you are welcome to come in to browse and shop.. I've designed on the Ease Coast in New York's 7th Avenue and on the West Coast as Designer for the Barbie line at Mattel. Both places were fun to work but Mattel really taught me how to create within a budget. You see, anyone can design greatly when "money is no object" but few can do Great things for "pennies." Please feel free to make yourself at home here and come whenever you need a break. There's always something new & exciting! More »