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Welcome to sanotherapia

Welcome to my studio. Sano Therapia means Healing Therapies. Along with the body products you will find other things that will either make you happy, bring you peace, benefit you emotionally, physically or creatively. I try to use organic supplies in my products as much as possible and lots of essential oils no artificial fragrances or perfumes. When I do use a preservative like in my lotions it will always be paraben free. Also you will find bits and pieces of jewelry some for aromatherapy and other just because I like to make them. If you have essential oils and you want to carry them with you, I have little bags for that also. In 2002, I started making gem trees and wrote the book Gem Tree Sculptures in 2009 as I found there were no books out there for people to learn how to make these wonderful little trees. Although I don't offer gem trees here, I do have the book and tutorials available for those of you creative enough to try your hand at them. Special orders are welcome. More »