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SHALIMARS A Personal Jeweller Trusted for all the valuable gems and jewelry SINCE 1978 specialize in rare gems and personalize Jewelry For countless thousands of years, gemstones have been used to encourage health and beauty throughout the world. All of them share a common beauty with special colors and glam. At my shop ShalimarIndia, you can find various articles made from gemstones. My catalog includes jewelry pieces, home decor items and chess carved out of gems. I am also involved in making cushion covers and bags. We try our best to bring every thing that india offers at your door. We are Trusted for natural gems and jewellery. We can even make one ring, pendent or earring made to order. For gold $50 n silver $20 making charge. Best of indian textile costum stitch a top for $10 pants or dress $30 stitching charge. Handicrafts BEST of our ability . Best part is that we offer wholesale price and we do take bulk orders. ShalimarIndia is a family venture. It was started by my grandfather and carried forward by my father. Now, I have stepped into our traditional venture of making crafts from gemstones. I have a team of 40 artists who work closely together in order to provide you with the best quality handicrafts. ShalimarIndia is currently available at Hilton Hotel, Holiday Inn and Hotel ManSingh in Jaipur. Our first retail store was inaugurated in Nepal in 1978. More »