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Welcome to my shop. Please stop and take a look at the candles. bias tape, key chains and zipper pulls that are available. The zipper pulls and key chains are handmade with a variety of different stones and charms. The bias tape is something I just started. There will be more in the near future. There are many different kinds, such as Christmas, fruit, baked goods, flowers, candy and drink. Each candle is handmade not mass produced. Since each candle is handmade, no two are the same. They may be the same scent, but one candle may not be as strong as another. The same with the color. This makes each candle in my shop unique. The scents are strong so they will last instead of fading quickly like most candles. Every item listed is handmade by me and/or my daughter. There is something for everyone. I will ship internationally. Please contact me first as it could be expensive. More »

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