Signs of Spirit

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Western Red Cedar carved into Celtic knots, spiritual or cultural symbols. Inspired wood carvings offered are handmade with love and joy and lots of music. Please view our work as a grateful expression of our love of life and creation. May it bring joy to your day. We are shutting down production and getting ready to head to the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, a multi day show in Austin. Items we KNOW we don’t have are deactivated, which is why, if you have favorited items in the past, they may not be on the site any longer. If there was something you really, really wanted, contact us and we can send a card saying the item will be made “especially for you” after the first of the year. We will continue to ship out items until the Christmas cut off date. Once we return home and set up shop, all items will be reactivated. We hope that you will think of us at other gift giving times of the year! For now, may you have a joyous holiday season! Should you like to request something to be custom made, please email us with a picture (if you have it) or your idea. If you would, please add a phone number so if there are complex questions Coop needs answered he can call. Please note that the number of items available listed on the item page, does not necessarily reflect what we have on hand. A multiple number is listed for ease of use for those who would like to order more than one or so the item remains in the store in that time from when the piece is sold until we see it and get a chance to relist. Due to show sales and being in production almost full-time the inventory numbers are always changing and to reflect accurately here would be a full time job. So please, if you have a time issue, check to make sure we don’t have to make your item, or if you are interested in more then what we have listed on hand, please ask and we will let you know if we can do the number you need or how long it will take to fill the order. More »