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Welcome to tinybully

I'm having a bit of a sale! November 27-30 everything is 25% off! Afterward, I'm heading to San Diego for a week, so why not have a sale before I go - cyber Monday extended! Get it while the gettin's good! Hi there, and welcome to my site. In case it's not obvious, my work is fan art. I make up patterns based on geekery that I love in order to fill a void and support my yarn habit. Knit and crochet is great therapy for my Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I highly recommend it for any other sufferers. That said, I'm self/mom taught so I don't sell patterns. Also, Abby Darkstar and Zen Dragon are fans and friends, and sometimes have a good smattering of my most popular fan art yarn at their tables - follow on Facebook or Twitter for their convention schedule! Follow me on Twitter @ tinybully13 or Like me on Facebook at TinybullyKnits for links to new goodies as I post them plus exclusive coupon codes! Turn-around time is 5-7 days unless the title says ready to ship. More info in my policies page. More »