Welcome to Webmuskie

IMPORTANT: I'm in a wheelchair, this is winter, and the snow on the sidewalks prevents me from mailing things myself. Plus, the person I had used to send to do the shipping has lost her car. THIS MEANS I NOW SHIP ABOUT ONCE A WEEK. If you miss shipping day (which is determined by when I need groceries and the PCAs have time to shop), it could take me almost TWO WEEKS to ship. If you desperately want something from me, and you need it delivered fast, you must contact me first to be sure of the shipping date. ALSO IMPORTANT: I've been caring for a sick friend, someone who needed, but wasn't given, intensive rehabilitation. This wore me out and made me ill too, for a time. I CURRENTLY CANNOT DO CUSTOM WORK. I make prayer beads. What kind of prayer beads? Any kind. I'm a mystic. I don't take seriously the hostility between the world's religions. That's not to say I have no opinion. It's that the disputes pale in the light of the Infinite. More »