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Norwich, CT, United States


I like to try everything at least once..

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I love to create all kinds of things. I've tried so many crafts at least once just to see how they're made. I make one of a kind items because we are all one of a kind. Just remember.. You are unique! Just like everyone else! Revel in your individuality!

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    I made these for my stepdaughter one Christmas.. she LOVED them. I have since lost the mold :( Still on search for a new one!

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    A friend of mine (as myself) LOVE Halloween. She always writes herself notes for everything. I had come across this paper and made her a bunch of little note pads :)

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    This is something else I've recently started making.. Record Bowls, but not just any bowl, painted bowls :)

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    I made this for a dear friend who helped me out tremendously when I was out of work after knee surgery. Also thinking of doing more of them! Great way to pass the time.