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A Dying Art Co believes in all things creative. Everything has a vibrant pulse and should be treated as art.


Painting, upcycling, refurbishing, photography, nature, animals, music, pulp art, macabre, whimsical, dramatic, vintage, antique, classic, sports, dark, landscapes, portraits, furniture, jewelry, holiday

Skills and Techniques

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. A Dying Art Co. strives to dabble in all things creative and artistic. From recreating old furniture to reinventing old ideas.

Find me online @:…… http://www.ADyingArtCompanyLtd.c… http://kathryn-gainard.artistweb…

Get to Know

A Dying Art Co is a group of family members whose soul desire is creative expression and freedom. From gardening to musical composition and everything else, we all have a voice to share. Ideas and thoughts and inspiration are all around us and it's part of why we're here. Art has a way of mimicking life and now seems to be a time of less personal and more technologically based art. With this progression, the role of the artisan or craftsman seems to get overshadowed, hence, A Dying Art Co, Ltd. Everything is hand-made and designed. Built and forged through desire and love of art. Giving back what we take out is also important... helping those who need it and lending our voice to the voiceless. Life is a dying art.

Bio Photo Gallery

  • ADyingArtCo's Photo Gallery

    This 16X16 acrylic painting was a set of four donated to PETA's 30th Anniversary Gala & Humanitarian Awards Benefit. Also available in Peta's gallery on

  • ADyingArtCo's Photo Gallery

    This custom piece was for a client's 50th birthday. All four portraits were fave's of the clientele, painted in rich acrylics with a UV protecting coat. Sold for $250

  • ADyingArtCo's Photo Gallery

    A birthday gift for the girl who has it all. A pulp/comic culture inspired hand-painted upcycled purse. Customized with a photo of the birthday girl and cutesy quote. Sold for $75

  • ADyingArtCo's Photo Gallery

    16X20 hand-painted watercolor portrait of Yankees great Don Mattingly.