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New York, NY, United States

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Eclectic handcrafted jewelry designed to suit your unique style and enhance your wardrobe.

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I'm a self taught jewelry artisan. Being someone who as always had an artistic eye and a knack for crafts, I started this business to explore my creative side. It also gives me the opportunity to draw on my retail experience, having worked in a variety of retail management positions, including as a jewelry buyer, after graduating from college and before deciding to go to law school. My principal occupation is as a tax lawyer. What stands out about my jewelry designs is that each piece has been crafted to work with a woman's wardrobe - that is, to hang at the right length and coordinate with current trends. It's not enough for a piece of jewelry to look good in a photo. Jewelry should be an enhancement that finishes off your look and adds that final touch to make a complete and polished look. My collection is eclectic, with pieces to suit a variety of fashion trends.