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Bad Axe, Michigan, United States

Quick Blurb

Hello~this is my destash and over flow from my All Wire Up TOO Studio. You'll find treasures here! Stop by often!

Skills and Techniques

Beader wirewrapper lapidarist.

Get to Know

Hello!I'm Dee~ Wire wrapper (self taught,jewelry designer, beadaholic..YES I'm addicted! I have beads everywhere..well hubby doesn't have any in his bathroom..he does need a space with out my beads~(I'm only half serious about most things~ light hearted and often sarcastic in a fun way) I am a lapadarist with a complete studio..Genie,saws,dops,rocks..LOTS of rocks~over a ton~ I have rocks everywhere TOO hubby might have a rock or two in his bathroom...*wink I am often inspired by just the shape of something~ I often cut cabochons free form because of the shape of a pattern in the stone~ I am currently into abstract..I love abstract because there is such a freedom to do what feels right instead of doing what is expected. I am Mom of four step mom of three, grandma to thirteen grandangels. I have a very supportive husband..of 30 years~it hasn't always been easy but what in life that is worth having or doing is easy?