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Columbus, Ohio, United States

Quick Blurb

Hi and welcome to my site.My name is Amber Shannon and i hand make beautiful jewelry items:):):)


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Get to Know

I am wife to a great man named Scott and mother to 5 great kids.I am a stay at home mom and since my last just started kindergarten this year i got so much more time to create.I have been doing serious creating for 9 years {but have did some long before then} and have been selling it on-line for 2.5 years now.I am a true believer in customer service and treat those as you wish to be treated.My designs are always evolving so you will find several different styles in my store at any given time but they are each done by me and done with lots of love and care:):) If ever you have a question,comment or inquiry do not hesitate to contact me either through e-mail or the site.I will do my best to assist or answer:):) Thank you for stopping by and checking out my items:)