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I love traveling, on foot, on boats, on jeeps. I've been skiing for a long time.
  I went to the theater a lot, I lived in Moscow for exhibitions and galleries, now I'm much rarer, but I really love it.

Skills and Techniques

I really like to do things from things that are no longer needed, especially if they are natural products or beautiful, but not fashionable things.
I like to give a second life to natural products. I really like to invent something completely new, which has never happened.

In my gallery in the pictures the history of the creation of my most popular product is presented Sheep - Shelves from the prototype to the advertisement of the whole "family"

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Get to Know

I was born and educated in Moscow. I studied at the Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology and later I worked at various Moscow research institutes. Changed my professional activity from the development of a lip-gloss to chromatography at the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Science Academy. flew on an airplane - lab over different regions researching air pollution.

Since 1991 I live in Israel. For over 25 years I worked as an analytical chemist for the university and for a pharmaceutical company. When my children have grown older and I got tired of chemistry I have decided to go ahead and start studying something which was a passion of mine all along. First I have completed courses in interior design, then project management and, finally, I have graduated from the Holon Institute of Technology majoring in - the design of industrial products.Now I can afford myself to work at what always been a hobby of mine - design.

I specialize in creating products from the remains of industrial raw materials. I use natural materials as well as recycling them. I am creating an unusual and funny gadgets for home decoration.

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