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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Quick Blurb

Hello, I'm Lakaya, grab a cup of coffee, get cozy and check out what I have for you today.


Fibre Mache, wirework, knitting, crochet, crafting in many mediums, painting, etc.

Skills and Techniques

any yarn such as acrylic, cotton, wool, silk, etc I also use cotton fabrics and glass to create vases and horseshoe nails and wire to make crosses I create many things in different mediums, but my primary love is knitting, and therefore most of my items will be as well

Get to Know

I am Lakaya M Peeples, otherwise known as Aptitudes Unlimited, peepla, and The Knit-Wit

I learned to knit at the age of 12 and it has been my passion ever since. Although I can knit anything from traditional to contempory, I enjoy challenging myself to knitting things that do not have patterns or do not exist until I create it. I also do wire-work, traditional jewelry work, quilting, crafting, beading, and many oter things.

I am the hearing impaired mother of 3 now grown children, I used to drive a school bus for special needs children until I could no longer meet the hearing requirement of the job and I sell things I make on the internet since finding a job that doesn\'t require the use of phones has been quite difficult and to avoid having to file for disability.

I knit pinks in honor of my Mom, She beat cancer and she likes bca items, but she also likes things that are unusual or unique or as she puts it, \"not like everyone elses\". My bca pinks use a very specific color pink...therefore not everything on my site that happens to be pink will be for bca...you will know the difference when you look thru my shop.

I like knitting, COFFEE!!! music, gospel and country mostly, and anything funny.

I started Aptitudes Unlimited 25 years ago. Its a giftshop where I sell mostly my own hand crafted items and novelty items. Most items are sold via the internet on my web page, or on ebay where I\'ve a rating of 200. Now I\'m on Etsy where I intend to list only my hand crafted items. Not everything I make end up for sale on Etsy, if you want to see other stuff I\'ve made, you can check me out on flicker... http://www.flickr.com/photos/peepla/

I can also be found at the following websites: