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Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Welcome, please come in and feel at home!


metal, jewelry, wire, paper, quilling, filigree, beading, supplies, tools

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metal, jewelry, wire, paper, quilling, filigree, beading, metalsmithing, tatting, macrame

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I've been crafting forever, although I got serious about 10 years ago. I've had a mini-shop for about a year until I had to leave the city I was living in. Now I'm ready to get serious again, I'm even studying new, "fine" stuff (metalsmithing and such). I never settle for any one thing, though. If there's something I love about this world is its diversity and the variety of things one can do and try! I also love mixing two or more techniques together for a new look, although you won't see any of that unless the results are good! Stay curious, stay amazed, I think that's the key to make ourselves and the world a better place.

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    This was my booth some years ago.