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Pearland, TX, United States

Quick Blurb

Hello from Bernoulli's Attic...A Unique and Eclectic Collection of Handmade Oddments and Whimsies


Most any kind of crafting, designing my own patterns for crochet and needlework projects, yoga, reading, cats and painting, staining and/or antiquing most anything that doesn't run away.

Skills and Techniques

Crochet and Tunisian Crochet, Beading, Cross Stitch, Sewing, Decoupage, Candle and Soap Making, scrapbooking & card making

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Get to Know

Welcome to Bernoulli's Attic. I have always had an affinity for the unique and eclectic (some, in my past, have said eccentric and bizarre, but I ignore them). I enjoy working in a wide variety of crafts, ranging from crochet, beading, paint and needlework to soap and candle making. I really enjoy combining variations of these methods to produce interesting, one of a kind items that make you feel good to own.

I live in a cat friendly home, filled with yarn, fabric and beads, so the beasties believe they are in cat heaven. If you have allergies, let me know and I can take steps to avoid their assistance. Myself, I usually have a cup of tea handy and a hook or needle in my hand.....that is my version of heaven.

I hope you enjoy the shop and feel comfortable here. Whether it's a quick glimpse or a browsing visit, it's always nice to know someone is looking.

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    Bernoulli, the namesake and patron feline of Bernoulli's Attic

  • BernoullisAttic's Photo Gallery

    Albie and the Divine Miss M taking a break from their strenuous duties here at the Attic

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    Office assistance from the big guy

  • BernoullisAttic's Photo Gallery

    My workshop/studio or, as I call it - The Creative Cave