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Making jewelry, silver smithing, knitting, glass beads, sterling silver, wire wrapping, anything colorful, memory books, knitting, bead design, color trends, fashion, New York Fashion Week.

Skills and Techniques

I love color, texture and design. I prefer to make items which mix mediums, but one thing is almost always, fresh water pearls and semi-precious beads. I love to mix them with whatever I'm making. My skills include wire wrapping, hand knotting, work with yarn and other textiles, beading, photography and making memory books.

Get to Know

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After 15 years as a business owner in a high stress industry, we sold our company. I am now launching into my passion. It is refreshing to daily practice what I easily get lost in doing. Making jewelry is what brings balance in my life.

The word Blithe simply means, lighthearted and carefree. After so long without those qualities in my life, my new adventure is defined by the name of my Art Fire Account...... "Blithe-ology"; The study of finding the lightheartedness and carefree part of life through handmade accessories and gifts. (I made up the word so I get to make up the definition ;-) ... ) My hope is that you find my little corner of the world to be a fun place to stop and browse. My true desire is that something you see will put a smile on your face.