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Edmonds, WA, United States


Lampwork Glass Beads, Glass, Wearable Art

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WHO: I'm Pam Brisse, artist, wife, mother, business owner...

WHAT: I get to play with fire and melt glass, and at the end of the day I get to pull little treasures out of my kiln. Some of these treasures get turned into beautiful pieces of wearable art (aka, jewelry), others go for sale here on Etsy. I also paint on canvas, take lots of pictures of flowers, play with clay, knit simple things like scarves. And, of course, the regular stuff like keeping a house and family...

WHERE: Edmonds, Washington, in my little garden studio...

WHY: Because I have to. My muse is ruthless; the art must happen. But also because I love it. I love the molten glass, the reactions and sizzle and pop, the mysterious changes caused by temperature and oxygen and metals. The magic when it all falls in place. Most of my work is inspired by nature, especially the ocean, the skies, and, of course, plant life. I am in love with color and texture. I search for, and almost always find... beauty in all things...

WHEN: Whenever I can... which is more often now that my son is a little older and in school. My plan for the school year is to add new things several times a week. So come back often, you never know when the newest little treasure will be listed...



Each bead is handmade by me, Pam Brisse, in my garden studio in Edmonds, Washington. I melt glass and play with fire, and these are the little treasures that come out of my kiln at the end of a good day. The glass I use is from Italy, Germany and USA. Beads are annealed in my kiln, cleaned by hand, inspected to be free of sharp edges or cracks, and are ready to be used in your next creation. Enjoy and have fun with them!



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SRA (Self Representing Artists) member, #B100.

SRAJD (Self Representing Jewelry Artists) #635.