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Hubert, NC, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome to BohemianGoddess Creations. I offer an eclectic array of items and am always coming up with new creations!


Crafts, Dancing, World Cultures, Paganism/Wicca, Nature, Reading, Writing, The Ocean, Vegetarianism/Veganism, Human/Women/Animal Rights/Activism, Going Green, Recycling, Saving Our Planet, and Lots More

Skills and Techniques

Wire jewelry (ex. shell pendants, dreadlock sleeves, etc.); hemp jewlery; clay items (ex. figurines, yonis, etc.); working with natural objects such as pine needles, wood, stones, and shells; discovering, learning, and creating more always

Get to Know

My name is Aileen and I am a budding artist. I have found that though I am decent at other art mediums, my best is working with my hands and creating things with natural objects. I have made jewelry since I was very young and as I've gotten older I've created better pieces and learned new techniques. I recently got into making clay figurines when I created my first Goddess Figurine for myself while I was pregnant. I am also an avid activist. I fight for religious rights, animal rights, human rights (especially of those of women), and for cleaning up and saving our Earth Mother. I advocate a spiritual and cruelty-free lifestyle and advise being a vegetarian and Mindful Eating to many that I meet, for a better body, mind, soul, and for a better planet and future. I believe that the Goddess is alive and She is in all of us. I want women to be able to discover their Inner Goddess, that everyone, though different, is beautiful and unique. I want Pagans and Goddess-followers, and people no matter what faith, to be able to stand proud and unafraid of their beliefs, no matter what religion or sexuality, to be able to express themselves and be open without fearing persecution and rejection. I want to make a difference in the world. Gods Bless.