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Rochester, NY, United States

Quick Blurb

By soul I'm a non-traditional conceptual sculptor. To help "finance" my soul I craft fun & eclectic mixed media.


Conceptual art, first and foremost!

Secondly, commercial stuff as in my shop ie ~ Art jewelry, art dolls, spirit dolls, artists books, mixed media art, assemblage, collage, vintage inspired art, Victorian inspired art, mixed media jewelry,

Skills and Techniques

I utilize many different techniques in my crafts, hence the phrase mixed media :) I am always open to and trying to learn new techniques to incorporate in my work.

Get to Know

By soul I'm a non-traditional conceptual sculptor. To help "finance" my soul I craft fun & eclectic mixed media....stuff :) WTH is a non-traditional conceptual sculptor you may ask?

Good question! Please feel free to visit my gallery section here in my studio (don't be frightened, lol). There you can see a small sample of my conceptual work wherein my narrative revolves around child abuse, domestic violence, and women's issues - all woes of society that are close to my heart and my voice as an conceptual artist. My newly refurbished portfolio site, will be launching soon.

Okay, so what does this all have to do with my Art Fire shop? Everything and nothing. I am a creator first and foremost. If I am not physically creating something with my hands, I am with my mind. As any artist can tell you, it is both a blessing and a "curse" as the mind rarely rests in full. I don't know how NOT to create as it permeates every fiber of my being. To help supplement my work as a conceptual artist and my life long dream of opening a non-profit center for emerging women conceptual artists, I have decided to offer up for consideration some of my mixed media crafts.

While my voice and narrative in my conceptual work is pretty solid/apparent, the crafter in me is rather eclectic. There are a number of genres, style, time periods and voice that I enjoy and you will see here. I hope you enjoy my "Moon Ditties" as much as I enjoy making them :)

Peace and good~ Moon

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