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Vandergrift, PA, United States

Quick Blurb

I knit beautiful accessories using yarn, ribbon, wire, and beads to add beauty to your daily life.


knitting, jewelry, hats, design, faith, family, friends, hiking, reading, sleeping in, autism

Skills and Techniques

Knitting, wire manipulation, beading

Get to Know

I taught myself to knit over five years ago ago and never looked back. My knitting is theraputic for me, because no matter what is going on around me I can still manipulate simple materials to create something beautiful.

When I see something new, unusual, or beautiful, my first instinct is to touch it, to feel the texture, the softness of it. Is it smooth? Shiny? Rough? Hard? I'm often inspired by the very materials I use. Sometimes I take up needles and yarn and start knitting, letting the yarn "speak" to me. Smooth, colorful ribbon yarn turns into a pebbly cuff, just as nubby, thick cotton becomes a simple hat.

Everything in my studio is something that brings joy to me. I revel in knowing that the dainty cuff that completes my outfit is like nothing else, or that the pretty lace cap perched on my daughter's head is as comfortable as it is functional.