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Spring, TX, United States

Quick Blurb

My mother was my inspiration.

I feel that the items I put out are a reflection of my character.


I like reading,going to church,walks,animals, nature, & spending time with my family.

I enjoy life, & strive to keep a positive attitude.

I love helping others, if I have the knowledge to do so.

Skills and Techniques

I love altering art in any way that mind "sees" it.
I love to do embroidery, with floss or thread, ribbon, or crewel; draw with charcoal , pastels, & paint with watercolors. I sew, do quilting, crochet, make quilted & embellished photo albums, & custom wedding albums. I've recently begun a line of recycled creations as well. Mini art quilts are on my agenda- I find them fascinating, & a way to truly express myself without boundaries.

Get to Know

I am blessed to be married to my best friend for the last 13 years, (as I type this, it is exactly 13 years today)! I have the opportunity to stay at home & do what I love- he encourages me every step of the way!

This has been my first year in the e-commerce side of business: I sell on a few different online venues, my own site, as well as in a shop locally. I've sold my goods at craft fairs, farmer's markets, & bridal shows, as well as to others in the community through "word of mouth".

I love the look on someone's face when they are delighted with what I have created for them! That smile makes every moment worth while!

Holidays are my favorite time(s) of the year- I'm like a child... I love to decorate, choose the decorations, make handmade "goodies", and create things associated with the upcoming holiday. My mom always made a "big deal" about holidays with us, as there wasn't much money- but there was alot of enthusiasm that she passed on to us. We never realized as children, that we were lacking financially- we knew we were loved.

We were encouraged to use our imagination to create things out of practically nothing! It could be whatever we wanted, because only the sky was the limit! As I grew, I found I had a creative "knack", that I cultivated into something more.

I make high quality products- I'm proud to "put my name on" the products that I deliver- as well as the presentation & delivery.