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Summerfield, North Carolina, United States

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My hands are always busy. I love to watch movies, but if I don't have something to occupy my hands, I will fall asleep in 15 I make jewelry. I'm either downloading photos, making jewelry, or tweaking my shops.

I'm influenced by everything in my life, everything I've ever read, seen, experienced, or heard. All things, from artists such as Frida Kahlo and Alexander Calder to my experiences in Anthropology to comic books, movies, TV shows or songs can influence my work. My husband and children inspire me as well and are my biggest supporters (and lately, even my models).

Every piece I make has a back-story. I imagine vignettes and histories for each piece or line of pieces as I make them. I usually daydream about a particular artist or personality, or engrossing novel, or favorite movie while I work and I believe that my musings shape each object that is created. Sometimes the pieces even contain elements of REAL stories in them.

The stories that I write are part and parcel with the piece. So relax, browse, and let yourself be transported (for a short while, at least) to a different place.

Favorite materials: moonstone, jasper, labradorite, very fine hardwoods, and bone.

The magpie in me is also attracted to brightly colored glass, coiled wire, metal charms, kitsche, vintage doodads, bits and pieces of found objects and anything whimsical!

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