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St. Petersburg, Fl., United States

Quick Blurb

I live in sunny Florida with my husband and numerous cats.
When I am not beading, I am on the lookout for fabulous vint


wirewrapping, beads, crocheting, leather

Get to Know

It was 1984 when I first met my husband. Sometime in the next year, my sister-in-law called to say she would like to visit us. I had never met any of my husband\\\'s relatives, had not even talked to them on the phone. So I scrubbed the house during the day and lost sleep worrying at night. Would I like her? Would we have anything in common? She arrived and I liked her immediately. She and my husband reminiced, I politely listened and learned all I could about this man I had come to love. Then he went to bed! She and I talked till 3:00AM! The next day, as we talked more, she went to her luggage and removed a needle, some thread and all these tiny beads which I later learned were seed beads. That was the day I found another love. It has been a slow, sweet and obsessive romance with the beads. A twisted, crimped up necklace strung on fishing wire, findings that turn your neck green, stringing a bracelet only to find I didn\\\'t use enough thread! Stalking beads wherever I could find them. Selling at craft shows in the rain. Craft shows in the wind. Craft shows in the heat. But all these years later, I still love to sit in my work room and learn new things, adapt new ideas, find new materials and bead.

I hope that you find my jewelry pleasing and complimentary to you.

I also sell vintage items on two other sites